Asian Cultural Council Hong Kong

ACC Alumni

Barbara London – Curator of Media and Video Art, MoMA 1995 Fellow, USA

Barbara London is Associate Curator, Department of Media and Performance Art at the Museum of Modern Art (New York). She was awarded an ACC fellowship in 1995 to meet with New Media artists and survey contemporary video and installation art activities in Hong Kong. Ms. London gave credibility to the video art form in its initial stages through founding the video exhibition and collection programs at MoMA. She has curated over 120 exhibitions and is distinguished as one of the first curators from the U.S. to feature Asian artists in the field of New Media.
Photo: © Cheung Ching-ming
Natvar Bhavsar – Visual Artist 1965 Fellow, India

Natvar Bhavsar received an ACC fellowship in 1965 to spend a year in New York to survey contemporary art activities. During his time abroad, he developed friendships with the noted Abstract Expressionists Mark Rothko and Barnett Newman—an experience which has since characterized his work. Mr. Bhavsar is counted amongst the leading artists of Abstract Expressionism and his paintings have been included in the permanent collections of international arts institutions such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Photo: © Sundaram Tagore Gallery