Asian Cultural Council Hong Kong

ACC HK Artistic Advisory Committee

Our Artistic Advisory Committee is comprised of leading international arts professionals who share with us a commitment towards international cultural exchange and advocacy for education and excellence in the arts.

Chen Kaige
Film director Chen Kaige of Farewell My Concubine fame was awarded an ACC fellowship in 1986 to make his first trip to the United States to attend the screening of his celebrated debut work Yellow Earth and to conduct research as a visiting scholar at New York University. In 1994, Mr. Chen was featured as guest of honor at the 15th anniversary celebration of the ACC in Hong Kong.
Photo: © Asian Cultural Council
Howard Gardner
Dr. Howard Gardner is Hobbs Professor of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, a world-renowned authority on intelligence, creativity and human potential. First presented in 1983, Dr. Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences has made a profound impact upon the understanding of intelligence and approaches in education worldwide. In 2002, Dr. Gardner shared his expertise in Hong Kong on a lecture tour presented by ACC.
Photo: © Jerry Bauer
Midori is a legendary violinist who first captured international attention at the age of 11 when she performed her concert debut with the New York Philharmonic. She has since established a stellar career, performing with the world’s most celebrated orchestras and musicians. As a passionate believer in the life-changing power of music, Midori has founded the organizations Midori & Friends, Partners in Performance, Orchestra Residencies Program and Music Sharing which has reached underserved youths across the United States and Japan.
Photo: © Timothy Greenfield-Sanders
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