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submission of 2024 grant applications is now closed

Guidelines for 2024 fellowships & grants (for reference only)

*Applications Accepted: November 1 to 30, 2023
*Funding Period: August 1, 2024 to December 31, 2025

1. New York Fellowship Program

The New York Fellowship is a 6-month program that provides support to artists, scholars, and arts professionals working across disciplines, empowering them to take risks, develop their artistic practices, and take time to immerse themselves in the rich and varied cultural life of New York City.

The New York Fellowship aims to foster grantees’ understanding of New York City’s many diverse cultures. We posit that cultural understanding is uniquely imparted through first-hand experience, regardless of form or method, and that the impact of cultural exchange manifests in diverse ways. We encourage applicants to clearly articulate the desired outcome(s) they wish to gain from this Fellowship in their application.

ACC emphasizes that this 6-month grant is not a residency or an individual’s personal public relations tour. Rather, the New York Fellowship is a precious pause in everyday activities to take a deep dive into New York City’s rich cultural landscape. ACC hopes that Fellows will take the learnings and insights from their Fellowship experience to influence their own practice, and later contribute to the artistic and cultural communities in their home country.

New York Fellowship Guidelines
New York Fellowship Application Questions

2. Individual Fellowship Program

The Individual Fellowship program provides support to artists, scholars, or arts professionals working in ACC’s eligible disciplines, empowering them to take risks, develop their artistic practices through research projects, and take time to immerse themselves in a different culture. 

ACC emphasizes that the Individual Fellowship is not a residency, a fund to attend a singular conference/travel grant, or an individual’s personal public relations tour. Rather, ACC expects Individual Fellows to be self-directed and have a focused research project that enables and promotes cultural immersion, dialogue, relationship-building, collaboration, and/or exchange of knowledge among peers. 

Compared to the New York Fellowship, the Individual Fellowship has more flexibility and freedom regarding location and timing of travel, travel length, and budget. 

Individual Fellowship Guidelines
Individual Fellowship Application Questions

3. Graduate Fellowship

The Asian Cultural Council gives a small number of scholarships to students admitted to a graduate degree program in the United States. Grantees must be enrolled in a program that falls within the 16 accepted disciplines https://www.asianculturalcouncil.org/apply/faq

Funding is intended to cover travel and living expenses related to graduate study. Tuition costs are not supported. 

Priority is given to applicants who will study in the United States because comparable programs are not available in their home countries and/or because they work in a field that is underrepresented in their home countries. 

Graduate Fellowships are awarded for one academic year, with the possibility of renewing for one (1) additional year.

Through the Graduate Fellowship, ACC aims to contribute to the diversification of scholarly narratives and critical discourses through increasing access to academic training in the arts and cultural field. 

Graduate Fellowship Guidelines
Graduate Fellowship Application Questions

4. Organization Grant

The Organization Grant provides support to organizations that

  1. Are engaging in projects that will benefit from cultural immersion, research, increased access to artistic communities or cultural resources in a specific country, and/or the exchange of knowledge amongst peers. 
  2. Intend to build organizational or regional capacities of cultural exchange activities through workshops, specialized training, etc. 

The Organization Grant does not fund travel to specific conferences, performances, or gallery showings. Instead, ACC expects a deep cultural exchange experience for the organization and all project participants. In other terms, the organization has thought about the impact of their cultural exchange experience, who their community is, and how this experience can potentially affect their larger community.

Organization Grant Guidelines
Organization Grant Application Questions
Budget Form


Please refer to ACC Global website https://www.asianculturalcouncil.org/our-work/programs/fellowships-and-grants for more details.