Cheung Chi Wai (1996 Fellow)

ACC Artist Series - Artistry and Aesthetics II Coming Soon!

About the Series

ACC Artist Series – Artistry and Aesthetics II is the sequel to the much-applauded first episode of our homonymous video project. Similarly, episode II is a collection of video interviews of four Asian Cultural Council (ACC) fellows, sharing personal stories about their artistic journeys, creative processes, aesthetics and the impact of cultural exchange.  The ACC artists are: visual artist Tozer Pak, a Hong Kong-based artist known for his artistic interventions in everyday life; choreo-philosopher Xing Liang, a household name in Asian Contemporary Dance; Gus Mok, a pioneer of People's Theatre in Hong Kong and a tireless promoter of performance art in the region; architect Corrin Chan, an acclaimed architect who represents the humanistic paradigm shift for architecture in Hong Kong.

Since the sixties, the ACC has supported more than 300 artistic talents in Hong Kong to travel to the US for cultural exchange. Together, they represented some of the most outstanding talents in the fields of arts and culture, education, architecture, and archaeology, forming an integral part of our cultural landscape. The videos presented an in-depth account of the thoughts behind the artistry of four distinguished home grown talents in Hong Kong.