A.K.A.: The Hidden Dimensions of Architects @ DETOUR 2011


A.K.A.: The Hidden Dimensions of Architects

Asian Cultural Council Exhibition travels to DETOUR 2011


A.K.A.: The Hidden Dimensions of Architects, an exhibition presented by the Asian Cultural Council will participate in this year’s DETOUR event (25 Nov – 11 Dec) at the Former Police Married Quarters on Hollywood Road. After its popular reception at the Hong Kong Arts Centre, all 14 exhibits created by recipients of Asian Cultural Council’s Young Architects’ Award (YAA) will be featured at DETOUR to provide a wider platform for showcasing the unseen roles of these Hong Kong architects and the impact that they make in their communities.


Curated by Young Architects’ Award recipients Martin Fung, Chan Lai Kiu, Jason Tang, Billy Tam, Brian Chan and William Liu, A.K.A.: The Hidden Dimensions of Architects is the first collaboration between 14 leading Hong Kong architects. As architects who are ‘also known as’ volunteer designers, artists, educators, writers and cultural leaders, these 14 architects reveal the different ways that they express themselves and make a social impact which is often obscured. The 14 participating architects include: William Liu (1992 YAA Recipient), Chan Lai Kiu (1993), Gary Chang (1996), Martin Fung (1997), Betsy Cheung (1999), Tim Li (2001), Paul Chu (2002), Frankie Lui (2002), Brian Chan (2003), Stephen Chan (2004), Billy Tam (2005), Mary Grace Chiu (2008), Jason Tang (2009), and Tony Ip (2010).


The exhibition was created to honor the Asian Cultural Council’s Hong Kong Institute of Architects Young Architects’ Award (YAA) which has been sponsored by the Hsin Chong – K.N. Godfrey Yeh Education Fund for 21 years. Through the Young Architects’ Award and the recipients’ individualised programs in the U.S. arranged by the Asian Cultural Council, 23 outstanding architects have gained enriching experiences which have become a source of inspiration throughout their subsequent careers. YAA recipient of 1994, Vincent Ng (Director of AGC Design Ltd) is now an active member of the Harbourfront Commission and he tra ces his passion back to his exposure to waterfront planning and development when visiting coastal cities in the U.S.


Initially established in 2006, DETOUR is the annual flagship program of Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design with an aim to showcase Hong Kong as a regional creative hub. The event features a plethora of exhibitions, installations, performances, conferences and workshops by young and emerging creative talents and also engages the wider community to celebrate the synergy of local and international creative ventures. Held in the historical Victoria Prison in Central last year, the event was visited by over 50,000 people and it has quickly become one of Hong Kong’s most anticipated annual events.


By participating in DETOUR, the momentum generated from the initial run of A.K.A: The Hidden Dimensions of Architects continues. Marissa Fung Shaw, Director of External Relations of Asian Cultural Council Hong Kong says, “The exhibition has been an incredible opportunity for both the exhibitors and members of the public to reflect on who architects are and also what they do in Hong Kong. We are delighted to participate in DETOUR 2011 and we hope that through this, more people will be inspired by the exhibition to take a closer look at our local architecture and its architects who make immeasurable contributions to the city in which we live.”


About Young Architects’ Award (YAA)

Young Architects’ Award is a program co-organised by the Asian Cultural Council and the Hong Kong Institute of Architects with support from the Hsin Chong-K.N. Godfrey Yeh Education Fund. Established in 1990, it has the stated mission “to acknowledge the talent and achievements of young architects in Hong Kong and to nurture their potential and development through the broadening educational experience of cultural exchange.” Since 1990, the ACC has sent twenty-three young architects from Hong Kong to the United States on custom-tailored journeys of educational exposure and professional research. The Asian Cultural Council makes professional arrangements for the architects while in the U.S., introducing them to counterparts at universities and in design firms and encouraging them to explore areas of the arts and culture that extend far beyond architecture.


About Asian Cultural Council (ACC)

The Asian Cultural Council (ACC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting cultural exchange in the visual and performing arts between countries of Asia and the United States and among the countries of Asia. Established in 1963 by John D. Rockefeller 3rd, the ACC has awarded almost 6,000 grants to arts organisations and arts professionals, many of whom are now leaders and pioneers in their field and who received support in the early stages of their career. ACC Hong Kong was established in 1987 with support from local funding partners and has played a key role in the development of the arts and cultural leadership in the region.

ACC is headquartered in New York City and maintains offices in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Manila and Taipei.


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