Introducing ACC's New Logo


A new logo has been designed for the Asian Cultural Council (ACC) in anticipation of our 50th anniversary celebrations and will be shown on our Hong Kong website in the coming months. Designed to reflect the personalized nature of our work, the logo resembles the mark of an East Asian seal which is often used as one’s signature in this part of the world. The linked letters of the logo serve to reinforce the idea of connectedness: the ACC as a link, forming bonds and positive partnerships for their grantees through new mentorships, experiences, and opportunities and positive cultural exchanges between Asian countries and the U.S. that result from such connections.

Since 1963, the mission of ACC has been to support cultural exchange between the countries of Asia and the United States through grants made to extremely talented individuals in the visual and performing arts. To date, the ACC counts among its alumni over 6000 Asian and American artists, scholars, specialists in the arts, and cultural leaders in over twenty different fields and in more than twenty-five countries in Asia, and currently awards approximately one hundred grants annually. Our 50th Anniversary celebration events will be taking place around the world from Spring 2013 to the end of 2014 which will both honour ACC’s legacy as well as look forward to 50 more years of endless possibilities in artistic and cultural exchange.