Welcoming Our 2024 Grant Awardees to the ACCHK Family


Individual Fellowship

CHEN Jialu, Artist (China)
Individual Fellowship | Visual Art | China → Malaysia, Singapore | 4 months
Altius Fellowship

Chen will expand her research into the history and material culture of the “self-combing sisters,” women who migrated from China’s Pearl River Delta to work in Southeast Asia in the early 1900s.

FANG Yan, Curator and Writer (China)
Individual Fellowship | Art History | China → Japan | 6 weeks
ACCHK Arts Circle Fellowship

Fang will study the Fluxus Movement, focusing particularly on its intersections with sound art, and conducting research on key figures in Japan and their influence on contemporary artists. http://yanfang.fr/

QIAN Ning, Filmmaker (China)
Individual Fellowship | Film/Video/Photography | China Taiwan | 3 months
Altius Fellowship

Qian will study temple culture in Taiwan. He will conduct in-depth field research to understand and document temple caretakers' lifestyles, belief systems, and community roles.

Suet Yin (Athena) SHIU, Violinist (Hong Kong)
Individual Fellowship | Music | Hong Kong → United States | 2 months
Lady Fung Music Fellowship

A product of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Shiu will attend workshops at the Aspen Music Festival and School, a prestigious summer music program.

Jacqueline Wen Xi TONG, Moving Image Programmer (Hong Kong)
Individual Fellowship | Curation | Hong Kong → United States | 3 months
HKETONY Fellowship

As a curator and moving image programmer, Tong will study models for cross-disciplinary arts festivals in the U.S., where moving image is a starting point, to see how experiences, including a range of artistic fields, can be adapted for the Hong Kong and Greater Chinese contexts.

ZHAO Zhicong, Landscape Architect (China)
Individual Fellowship | Architecture | Hong Kong → United States | 5 months
Hsin Chong-K.N. Godfrey Yeh Education Fund: Tsinghua-MIT Exchange Fellowship

Zhao will participate in the Special Program for Urban and Regional Studies (SPURS) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as a visiting scholar for a semester, with a focus on urban and rural planning research and sustainable development. https://arch.tsinghua.edu.cn/info/rw_fjly/1972

New York Fellowship

Isaac CHONG Wai, Artist (Hong Kong)
New York Fellowship | Visual Art | Hong Kong → United States | 6 months
Désirée & Hans Michael Jebsen Fellowship

Chong will research the performance art scene in New York, focusing on Asian diaspora communities' practices and platforms. He wants to understand the portrayal of Asian bodies in art history. http://www.isaacchongwai.com

Olivier CONG, Composer (Hong Kong)
New York Fellowship | Music | Hong Kong → United States | 6 months
Altius Fellowship

Cong will research and connect with a wide variety of cultural communities in New York City, not only for music but also for visual art, theater, dance, and other disciplines. https://oliviercong.com/

Jacqueline LEUNG, Writer (Hong Kong)
New York Fellowship | Literature | Hong Kong → United States | 6 months
Altius Fellowship

Leung will conduct research on literary translation for Hong Kong writing originally in Chinese and translated into English, as well as between artistic forms, such as novels being adapted for theater/visual art/film. https://www.jacqlyy.com/