ACC Exhibition "Waters • Dreams • Realities" @ Art Basel Hong Kong 2023


Exhibition Date:
21 – 25 March 2023 [private preview: 21-22 March, 2023]

Exhibition Location:
ACC booth, Art Basel Hong Kong, Level 1 Concourse, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (map)

Opening Event:
21 March 2023, 5-6pm (click here for details)
ACC Booth, Level 1 Concourse, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

"Surviving the Art World" - All-Stars Tournament:
22 March 2023, 6-7pm  (click here for details)
ACC Booth, Level 1 Concourse, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

"Surviving the Art World" - Public sessions:
24 March 2023, 4:30-5:30pm
25 March 2023, 3:30-4:30pm
Exchange Circle, Level 3 Concourse, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
*Click here to register. Seats are limited, first-come-first-served. 

Special thanks to Art Basel Hong Kong for sponsoring the venue of the exhibition.

The ACC HK is returning to Art Basel 2023 this March as a Cultural Partner. Slated to be its largest show since 2019, the event is a bellwether for a return to normality in the art world. The ACC HK is beyond excited to be part of this occasion, which celebrates the astonishing diversity of the international art scene.

This year, the ACC HK will present an alumni exhibition, "Waters • Dreams • Realities", at our Art Basel booth. Presented by the ACC HK, and co-curated by Jeff Leung (ACC 2012) and Vivian Ting (ACC 2017), the exhibition is themed on aquatic landscapes. The five participating artists include, Lee Kai Chung (ACC 2020), Au Hoi Lam (ACC 2019)Vibha Galhotra (ACC 2016)Kingsley Ng (ACC 2013), and Fiona Wong (ACC 1998).


Curatorial Statement

ltalo Calvino once said,

"What is the city today, for us? I believe that I have written something like a last love poem addressed to the city, at a time when it is becoming increasingly difficult to live there. It looks, indeed, as if we are approaching a period of crisis in urban life; and Invisible Cities is like a dream born out of the heart of the unlivable cities we know."

His novel invites us to examine the distance between dreams and reality through the landscapes we see and encourages us to create landscapes that connect with our dreams and reality. Unfortunately, the crisis Calvino speaks of still bears relevance to us today, and his work urges us to consider how livable environments fit for different people from all walks of life can be formed.

The ACC Hong Kong alumni exhibition has invited five artists to sail in different waters and share with us what inspirations and reflections they have brought back from their nautical adventures. Specifically, in the era of globalization, what can these water landscapes tell us about human civilization? Between dreams and realities, how can humans hold onto permanence within the tides of time? Ceramicist Fiona Wong records tides' movements in her work Sea Brick, while visual artist Au Hoi Lam documents her memories through an almost unrecognizable seascape. Drawing from ancient myth, conceptual artist Vibha Galhotra's video Manthan ponders the cost of modernized development. In contrast, visual artist Lee Kai Chung's Sea Sand Home draws from archival materials and constructs a contemporary fable to illustrate the growth and collapse of a culture. Finally, in the face of crisis, media artist Kingsley Ng's Horizon shows that sharing water is about audience participation, and when understood in its larger meaning, it is a metaphor for sharing/re-distributing resources and values.

This exhibition aims to explore aquatic landscapes where oceans, rivers and waterways converge, examining how cross-regional exchanges influence and inspire the development of civilization.

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Featured Artists

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